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Melbourne Professional Dominatrix Mistress Alani BDSM

She is no Eve...

She is the Apple,

She is the Serpent.

         i am she
                ~ Sapient - Sincere - Skillful - Sublime ~

Since beginning my classical Dominatrix Apprenticeship at Fetish House (Melbourne) in 2014, BDSM has evolved from my career, to my craft, to my "ikigai": the blending of profession, vocation, passion and mission.
The youngest Dominatrix to hold the title of Head Mistress in the history of Fetish House, my well-honed skills, ethics and imagination allow me to provide sessions to people of any and all experience levels.


A tactile, sensual sadist; an artful, heartful hedonist; I delight in combining lust and trust to evoke a most eloquent form of eroticism. 
Connected in my cruelty, I bring an intimate, controlled warmth into every session, every caress, every strike.
However, inside each warm-hearted woman plays the song of the Ice Queen, the Bitch Goddess, the Venus in Furs, and I dance with the melody of each of these Archetypes.

I am feminine and playful in demeanor, and needn't stifle this to Dominate your body and mind.
Quite the contrary...

The power I wield is that of Woman.

It is embodied,

it is fertile,

it is intuitive,

it is commanding.

I may smile while you scream, beam while you beg, or giggle while you gag...
For not all BDSM is shrouded in pain, 
and not all sadism is born of cold cruelty.
It may be rapturous whilst ravaging, lustful whilst lighthearted, intense whilst imaginative, sensual whilst silly.

I value authenticity over arrogance. 
My greatest joy comes from the connection and co-creation that occurs during a session, as opposed to a particular activity.
As such, I desire your vulnerability, commitment and energetic investment more than your ability to 'withstand'. 

Don't tune-out, tune-in.
A shameless sapiosexual, I adore a good-natured mind-fucking, and promise to use everything you say against you.
I am too smart for you
r own good, and I am out to get you.

For me, power exchange is summarised thus:

                 I will give you my attention and intention,

                           you will give me your surrender.

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