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Melbourne Professional Dominatrix Mistress Alani BDSM


~ A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step ~


Whether this is your first foray into BDSM, with a Dominatrix, or with me, I see all "firsts" as moments to be cherished.

Read riTUALS to see what BDSM-based play inspires you,

Read Commands to clarify what my boundaries are,

Read Tribute to prepare your budget,

Commune with me to book your session ay my Melbourne venue


~ Whether your initial contact is answered by myself or my
   BLA-licensed administration assistant, all details will be kept 

~ I will answer your queries honestly and clearly, to ensure your

   consent is informed.
~ I will check-in with you throughout the session if I feel you are

~ I will respect your safe word. 
~ I will always respect your limits regarding activities, verbal

   topics or terms, leaving marks, or whatever else you require.


~ I play with hurt, not with harm; I will not engage in activities

   that I feel may harm your physical, emotional or psychological

~ If you may require medication during your session (eg; Ventolin,

   Epipen and so on), ensure that you bring these with you so they

   can be placed within reach if needed.


~ Once you know the Ritual or Blessing you wish to explore,

   follow the contact instructions on my  Commune page.

~ Arrive no earlier than 10 minutes prior to your booked time.

   Any earlier and you will be unable to gain entry, as I will be in

   the process of preparing the Altar space.
~ Allow an additional 30mins to your scheduled play time - this

   will cover your arrival consult, pre play shower, post play

   shower and aftercare chats

~ Upon arrival for your session, we will have a brief in-person

   consult to confirm all details previously discussed, ensure

   consent is current, making any edits required, and discuss

   existing injuries/medications/medical conditions and limits.

~ Arrival consults are not an additional fee, but a 

   complementary part of your Ritual or Blessing. 

~ Arrival consults DO NOT take up your play time! As such 

   specific questions should be asked in person during the


~ Your arrival shower is mandatory. Your departure one is


~ Aftercare is given post-session, to ensure your physical and

   emotional safety upon leaving the Altar.

~ If additional aftercare is required in the days after a session,

   there is provision for this (without charge).

   Instructions on how to obtain this additional aftercare is

   provided at the end of the session.


~ BDSM activities are physically, intellectually and emotionally

   demanding. Ensure that you are fed, hydrated and well

   rested prior to your session. 

~ If you are too physically unwell or psychologically unfit to

   engage in your session, let me know as soon as possible.

   Considerations are given for those who need and deserve

   them, and the more notice the better.

~ Consider my comfort. If we are engaging in intimate

   activities, such as Blessing Of The Flesh, ensure that your face is
   free from stubble.

~ I do not provide enemas, as they can irritate and inflame the

   anus/colon. If you wish to provide yourself an enema,  you

   must do so prior to arrival at the Altar.

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