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Melbourne Professional Dominatrix Mistress Alani BDSM

I will not engage with:
~ People who are intoxicated, inebriated, or unable to provide consent.
~ Play that violates the right to consent of the general public.
~ Those who are unhygienic (smegma).

I do not provide the following activities:
~ Kissing on the lips/mouth
~ Pussy worship
~ Oral/Vaginal/Anal sex
~ Farting fetish
~ Roman showers
~ Catheters
~ Enemas prior to anal play

Humiliation/Degradation clients:
I enjoy humiliation/degradation immensely, provided it is regarding your personal failings. I will not engage with prejudice masquerading as humiliation, such as:
~ Cross-dressing as humiliation
~ Race
~ Weight
~ Gender 
~ Sexual orientation
I do however have a passionate desire to humiliate you for your latent misogyny, racism, homophobia, transphobia, selfishness, laziness, ingratitude and indulgent self pity.

Under no circumstances will I tolerate degradation of sex workers.

Whilst I enjoy playing with people of all sexes, genders and sexual orientations, my particular style of Dominance is not conducive to divided attention. As such, I will not play with both of you at once, however I am happy to play with one whilst the other acts as voyeur, or train you/your partner to play with each other.


Melbourne Dominatrix
~ Because you're mine, you'll walk the line ~


BDSM is a two way street - even when in bondage.
Respect your Mistress' boundaries, and she will respect yours.

Read RITUALS to see what inspires you,

Read Tributes to prepare your budget,

When ready, Commune with me to book your session,

Refer to VIRGINS if you're new and seeking guidance.

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